Seung-Youn SONG
a Graduate of Vocal Music and Lied from the Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik in Stuttgart Germany, where she studied with Prof. Sylvia Geszty, Prof. Michiko Takanaschi, and Prof.Konrad Richter.

Her talents and performances have made Mrs SONG well known as an Oratorio Singer. Her attention is currently focussed on the works of Vivaldi, Telemann, Bach, Haydn and Mozart, even though her range of works as a Soprano Soloist includes a much wider field of Early Music ocmpositions.
Jamin SHIN
a Graduate of Lied and Oratorium from the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Duesseldorf Germany, where she studied with Prof. Ingelborg Reichelt, and Konzertexamen from the Maastricht Music Conservatorium with Prof. Axel Everat.

Her many concert-performances in Korea have made her one of the most promising performers of Oratorio and Early Music.
Su-Hee LEE
Mrs LEE majored in Vocal Music at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg Austria, where she was a student of Prof. Gudrunn Volkert. Her studies of Lied and Oratorium took place at the classes of Prof. Hartmut Hoell and Prof. Mitsuko Shirai.

Her many concerts and recitals, particularly those as Oratorio Singer in Austria and Germany, have made her earn a erputation of excellence.
a notable Mezzosoprano for Baroque Music in Korea. Mrs PARK studied at the Staatliche Hochschule fuer Musik in Trossingen Germany, where graduated with Prof. Monika Moldenhauer, and studied with Prof. Julia Hamari, Prof. Ingeborg Danz, and Early Music with Prof. Monika Mauch.

Prof. Mrs PARK has performed with Baroque Ensembles and with Orchestras, in Germany and in Japan, in particular with Helmuth Rilling and with Masaaki Suzuki. She regularly performs as Alto Soloist, in Oratorios and in Early Music.
She teaches at Yonsei,Hanyang University in Seoul and Mrs PARK is a Professor at Baek-Suk University in Seoul South Korea.
Counter tenor
Min-ho JEONG

a Graduate of Vocal Studies from Chung-ang University, from where he continued his studies at Yonsei University Early Music Course.
Seung-Hee PARK
completed his Vocal-Studies at Seoul National University before he moved on to Europe, where he studied Lied and Early Music in Karlsruhe, Basel, Trossingen.

He teaches at Yonsei University in Seoul, where he is responsible for educational course- works in the Early Music program. In addition to that he runs a regular radio-broadcast-program at FE. Broadcasting Korea, predominantly on topics related to Early Music and religious composition.
Seung-Hyuk PARK
a Graduate of Vocal Studies from Seoul National University, from where he continued his studies at Stuttgart Musik Hochschule in Germany. He looks back on a respectable line of performances of title-roles in Opera and Oratorio, Earlyand

Modern Music, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as well as in East Asia. Mr PARK is a Professor at Baek-Suk University in Seoul South Korea..
Guest Member
Soprano / Soo-Jee JIN , Eun-Kyoung KIM
Counter tenor / Se-Hyun AHN , Kyung-Woong CHUNG
Tenor / Se-Woong KIM , Min-Sub HONG , Moon-Jin PARK , Hyung-Pil HWANG
Bass / Jung-Suk KIM , Han-Kyung CHO